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Because I believe that Misdirection is our most important tool, I have collected some links to web pages about misdirection. It's my hope that this web site can be a resource for magicians that want to improve their theoretical foundation to become better magicians.

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"The principle of misdirection plays such an important role in magic that one might say that Magic is misdirection and misdirection is Magic"

Jean Hugard

One person alone cannot know everything, so I have included links to many people's articles and essays as well as to my own. When you read about the same subject from different sources, you have a much better chance of getting the essence of the subject. I hope that after reading my own essays and those from other magical thinkers, you will have a better understanding of this intangible thing called misdirection.

Theory is no good without practice. So please practice the techniques you find here. Yes, you need to practice misdirection too!


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Choreographic Misdirection

My first article to reach print in Magic Magazine. Based on the chapter in my book Pocket Power, this is an expanded text about body movement as a tool for misdirection.

Misdirection - Your Most Powerful Tool

From my newsletter of May 2000, where I have some extra thoughts on the subject of misdirection.

Magic as a Martial Art

My second article to be printed in Magic Magazine. Not strictly about misdirection, but it deals with psychological techniques to help you direct your audience's energy where you want it.

Tom Stone's essay about Misdirection

Even more misdirection stuff -  in Swedish! This too is a basic introduction, not a complete course. Tom has read a lot, and it shows in this article. Tom is now working on a new essay on this theme, so stay tuned!

True Magic's Misdirection article

Short, but with a different angle. This server might be down...

The Theory of Magic

Al Schneider's insightful essays on magic theory. Contains one chapter on Direction and Misdirection. Mr Scneider has now started charging for downloading his e-books.

Misdirection in the Performance of Mentalism

Tom Crone's article from The Linking Ring. Mentalists too can benefit from using Misdirection Techniques.

Le détournement d'attention

By Guillaume Singer. French speaking magicians should check this one out. If you don't read French, use the translation link on the bottom of this page. You may get some funny sentences, but you'll probably understand the essence of the article.

The Magicians Secret Weapon: Master The Art Of Misdirection

A short and basic shareware article from Gary McCaffrey.

The Sly Art of Misdirection

Tim David has made a set of videos on Misdirection, and he sells them over at http://www.TheMagicCollege.com/slyart.html. Tim kindly let me watch these videos for free, and they were worth every penny. I wrote a review of these videos. Read it here.

More links?

Do you know more articles about misdirection on the net? Or do you want to write one and let me put it here? Then please don't hesitate to send me an e-mail and tell me about it. I will read it and consider placing a link on this page.


Articles on Magic Theory 

The Theory of Magic, Al Schneider

Al Schneider's insightful essays on magic theory. It's listed above as a Misdirection essay, but make sure you read all the chapters!

Appearing on TV - a guide, Gary Ouellet

A must read article for anyone who wants to appear on TV, or who is just interested in magic and TV. Gary knew more about magic on TV than anyone else I can think of.

Motivation?, Marko

A thought provoking little piece from Marko. Do all of our tricks have to have some motivation behind them?

Eugene Burger's short essays

This is required reading for everyone who wants to become a better magician. Eugene is a true thinker, and also a nice guy!

Is Your Magic Unmagical?

By Bill Fienning. This is a slightly changed version of Bill's article in The Linking Ring, January 2003. Makes you think about what your magic looks like to your audience, and discover why they aren't fooled as badly as you might want them to.

Other articles

TV reporter reveals tricks of getting the media to cover your magic

By Jeff Crilley, Emmy Award Winning Reporter and Author of Free Publicity. This article appeared in MAGIC Magazine's May 2003 issue, and is included here with the author's permission.


Books and Videos on Misdirection and Magic Theory 

Leading With Your Head, Gary Kurtz

In my opinion the best book on Misdirection that has ever been written! In fact, for me, this is simply the best magic book I've ever read. I had read all the classic books without completely understanding what misdirection is all about. After reading Gary's book, It felt like I had experienced a revelation. And after reading Gary's book, I could re-read the classics, and understand what the old masters were saying. This book gets my highest recommendation! 

Pocket Power Book and Video, Jarle Leirpoll

This is where I introduced the Choreographic Misdirection technique. Also, the trick explanations include tips and hints on the built-in misdirection in each routine. 

Strong Magic, Darwin Ortiz

A great book on the performance and all the how's and why's of magic. If you follow Darwin's advice (he doesn't always do so himself...) your performances will certainly get much, much better.

Our Magic, Maskelyne and Devant

A classic. You should have this in your private library.

Conjuring Psychology, Richard J. Weibel

Subtitled "How and why the human mind is deceived". A theoretical treatise presented in a small booklet.

Don't Look Now! Al Leech

Subtitled "The smart slant on Misdirection". One of the very best! A small booklet, but with a BIG content!

More stuff

You should also read The Wonder Books by Tommy Wonder, Paul Harris' Astonishment books, Slydini's books, Juan Tamariz' stuff and all of Dai Vernon's works. And of course, John Carney's books and all you can find by and about John Ramsay.


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