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Thought provoking magic reading

Thought provoking reading

Learn how our eyes react to movement, how film and TV people use this to their advantage, and how you can use the same principles for misdirection in your magic routines.
Read about Choreographic Misdirection


Screaming Close-Up magic

Would you like to do a magic trick that guarantees a great reaction and is so easy you can put all your attention into the presentation?
Then you'll love the Card in Mousetrap

Card in Mousetrap - Performed by thousands of magicians world wide! Professional close-up magic.

Pocket Power - available as Book, Video and CD-ROM

Home of Pocket Power

Jarle Leirpoll wrote the Pocket Power book, then he made the video and now he's touring the world with his Pocket Power Lecture, while writing his magic book number two. Learn how to change your pockets into Lethal Weapons. 


World of Eggs

In the online shop you will find Rubber Eggs and Resin Eggs designed for magic. What can these magical eggs do for your show? Find out by clicking the Egg


Eggs for all magical purposes

Learn Video Production

Read Jarle Leirpoll's book on video production, and start making your own videos of professional quality .

If you're a dealer or jobber and want a look at my wholesale magic items, then click here!


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