Pocket Power - The Lecture

Jarle Leirpoll turns your pockets into lethal weapons

This is the lecture you've been waiting for! It deals with your pockets, and how to use them for switching, ditching and stealing. This lecture gets rave reviews everywhere!

Several original routines and lots of techniques and ideas are explained in detail, complete with misdirection and timing.

After witnessing this lecture you will be an expert switcher, ditcher and stealer - and you will know a little more about Magic and TV and Choreographic Misdirection.

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Choose the length and content

At your convention Jarle can do parts of his Pocket Power Lecture for about one hour, or the whole lecture (2 hours). If you want two different lectures, then he will add material from More Pocket Power and do two great lectures. Both will be about pockets, and how to use them for switches, ditches, steals etc. On top of that, a theme throughout the first lecture will be Misdirection, and the second one will concentrate on making the magic entertaining.

Lecture Topics

No Gimmick Bill Switch is a very clean handling of Koslowski's 100 dollar Bill Switch.

In the Toilet Paper to Egg routine a piece of toilet paper is heated with a lighter and visibly changes into an egg. Two excellent switches!

The section on Stealing Techniques reveals the real secrets of stealing from your pockets, including Timing, Eye Scan and the natural looking Simplest Steal of them all.

Norwegian Travellers - the cleanest method ever for Dai Vernon's classic plot. Three signed cards travel to different pockets, and the fourth one is found in your shoe, utilizing Jarle's incredible Card in Shoe technique. Your hand is shown empty before each card is produced! A lesson in Choreographic Misdirection!

The Almost Ultimate Newspaper Tear is a combination of the Absorbing News and Gene Anderson's Torn and Restored Newspaper. The torn pieces vanish completely, and you can give the newspaper to the spectators.!

Plus a variety of useful Tips and Techniques. Switching, ditching, stealing and other uses of the pockets are explained in great detail.

Magic and TV is a section that discusses how your magic can work better in this difficult medium. (In addition to being a magician Jarle also works as a TV camera man and editor.)

Plus routines from More Pocket Power.

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Finally -a lecture on Pockets!


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