Pocket Power - The DVD

Turn your pockets into Lethal Weapons! Learn how to do Switching, Ditching and Stealing without fear of detection.

Now available as digital download only

This video is no longer available on disc. It has been replaced by a digital download - a video file that can be played on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices.

See the Timing, watch the Eye Scan

Learn the best routines from the Pocket Power Book. Learn the timing and the misdirection simply by watching! The DVD contains all the original routines from the book, plus Choreographic Misdirection, from the theory section of the book. It has all the contents of the VHS version, with the added benefit of quick access that the DVD format has. The DVD is of course made from the original digital recordings, not from the VHS copy.

No Gimmick Bill Switch 

is a very clean handling of Koslowski's 100 dollar Bill Switch.

Toilet Paper to Egg

is a routine a piece of toilet paper is heated with a lighter and visibly changes into an egg. Two excellent switches!

Stealing Techniques 

reveals the real secrets of stealing from your pockets, including timing, Eye Scan and the natural looking Simplest Steal of them all.

Norwegian Travelers

The cleanest method ever for Dai Vernon’s classic plot. Three signed cards travel to different pockets, and the fourth one is found in your shoe. Your hand is shown empty before each card is produced!

Coke from Shoe

is just that. You produce a can of Coke from your shoe! First, you dump out a flat can (I must have stepped on it) and then you dump out a full one! The method can be used to produce any small object from your shoe.

The Almost Ultimate Newspaper Tear 

is a combination of the Water in Newspaper and Gene Anderson’s Torn and Restored Newspaper. The torn pieces vanish completely!

Plus a variety of useful Tips and Techniques.

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Jarle's tape is well produced, the magic is entertaining, and his theory on pockets and misdirection is quite well thought out. I was fooled by some of his effects, and this is due to the very natural body motions he stresses throughout his routines. A favorite was Coke From Shoe that enables you to produce a can of Coke quite easily from your shoe without attracting any suspicion during the load. It's practically angle-proof. Good, helpful info lacking from other sources.
I rate this book and video set a must-have.

Steven Schneiderman, Rants & Riffs 

I'm just a starting "hobbyist" magician, but I have to congratulate you for your video & the tricks : Clear, detailed, fully explicated, above all the part of "misdirection", which was not so much clear to me 'till now. I think I'll learn a lot. Many thanks!


Some time ago I reviewed 'Pocket Power' the book, and said that I felt many magicians would benefit from the advice it contained on pocket management, switching and so on - but of course, for teaching concepts of this type it is video that is the ideal medium. The effects featured on 'Pocket Power - The Video' are all in the book and the two complement each other well. Here you get to see Jarle perform and explain The Toilet Paper to Egg, Norwegian Travellers, The Almost Ultimate Newspaper Tear and his No Gimmick Bill Switch, throughout offering valuable advice on using pockets to ditch, switch and steal, on the Tamariz Crossing the Gaze Switch and so on. The video itself is very well produced and a pleasure to watch, and Jarle explains his thinking very clearly. If you enjoyed the book then I'm sure you'll need no persuading to buy the video and see for yourself exactly how Jarle performs the effects he describes, and how his techniques apply to your own magic.

Shaun McCree, Abra

O vídeo Pocket Power (50 minutos de duração), apresentado pelo jovem mágico norueguês Jarle Leirpoll é muito bom para demonstrar os efeitos que o autor descreveu no livro de 64 páginas que tem o mesmo título. Entre diversos efeitos, Jarle ensina como retirar do próprio sapato uma lata cheia de refrigerante e como "transformar" uma nota de dinheiro em outra sem o uso do conhecido aparato manual. O vídeo e o livro podem ser adquiridos através do site do mágico em:

Mahatma (Philippe Piet van Putten)
Editor Artes Mágicas

Thanks.....I've been looking for the Weller Egg (not able to find) and ran across your add in Genii Magazine. I have your pocket power video. Good Stuff. Thanks for your contributions to the Magic community. They will be treated with the respect they deserve. 

Dave Vujevich

I just watched the tape between computer projects and I was quite entertained by it. I particularly like the nuances with the newspaper tear clean-up and the Travelers routine.

Steve Schneiderman


I just finished my first viewing of the Pocket Power video -- I loved it! The production quality is excellent and the material is first rate. Your presentation of tips and techniques has already improved my knowledge about those subtle, but critical, aspects of misdirection. I am motivated to work hard to apply the concepts with the hope of approaching your smoothness.

Sol Shatz

Pocket Power ist das beste Video, das ich bisher gekauft habe.

Johannes Schmager

I have been a big fan of your magic since I saw you at the Blackpool convention a few years ago. I own your Pocket Power book and video which are very wonderful indeed. I also bought your Card in Mousetrap at the Blackpool Convention a couple of weeks ago, which I can't wait to start working on. Your Bill Switch is one of my most popular effects; my audiences are always talking about this effect. So I owe you a big thank you.

Iain Moran, England

I just got your "Pocket Power" Video. I definitely learned more about the concept of Misdirection. Your video looked simple at first but I'm finding more and more about detailed aspects!

Paul Min, USA



Jarle made his video himself. Read more about his experience as a camera man and video editor.

Pocket Power - The Video

Price: NOK 170.00

51 minutes
mp4, 640x480 px
331 MB

Click here to view video samples of two routines and read more about the video

No Gimmick Bill Switch
Toilet Paper to Egg
Stealing Techniques
Norwegian Travelers
Coke From Shoe
Card in Shoe
The Almost Ultimate
Newspaper Tear
Tips and Techniques


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