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These are newsletters I used to send to my customers and contacts. I no longer send these newsletters - I don't have enough time on my hands. Maybe in the future. Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading the existing ones.

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I had to email you and tell you how much I really enjoyed reading this newsletter, great stuff! All the best!

Carl Andrews, Hawaii

Please send me your newsletter, you have a great site and your help has improved my magic and given me "Food for thought". Thank you for sharing your insight and ideas!!!!

Thomas Cleveland

I am incredibly glad I signed up to receive your newsletter. Your thoughts on misdirection are among the most thought provoking I have read. I will now have to save up my pennies (I just revealed my American origins) and get both your book and the Gary Kurtz book you mentioned. If the newsletter is in any way representative of the information in your book, it will indeed be money well spent.

Jim Short

I want to say that you have a great web site with very clear and easily  understood methods on some of the sleights used in the art of magic. Reading some of the literature that you provided on your site is extremely helpful in accomplishing the task of astonishment. Practicing some of  your methods will improve my learning curve considerably. Although I am not familiar with your work, I am amazed at your technique on some of the streaming video. Hope fully I will have the pleasure of seeing you live, should you ever come to New York.

Trevor Smith

Just a quick thank you for your letter about magic and martial arts. Great words and it gave many new thoughts.

Martti Vannas (Finland)

I wanted to thank you for your beautiful web site and all the beautiful ideas you can find there. You've got a lot of wonderful ideas, thanks for sharing them

Arthur Tivoli, France

Themes in back issues:

Misdirection - your most powerful tool
Egg on Card Fan, Ad Campaign, Performing Magic for Children, Shot glass from Nowhere
Miscellaneous News
Care and Use of the Funken Ring
Magic as a Martial Art

Temaer i den norske versjonen:

Annonsekampanje, Egg p kortvifte (tricksforklaring), Performing Magic for Children (bok), Shot Glass from Nowhere (trick)

Tommelskriver (Swami Gimmick), Steve Bedwells nye Bker, Barry Price Lecture Turne, Jarle til Finland

On The Spot, Video fra Greg Wilson, Pocket Power E-bok, Nye videoklipp p WWW.LEIRPOLL.COM, Jarle var i Blackpool, Tony Griffith Lecture turne avlyst, Nye saker p gang

Stell og bruk av Funken Ring, Ricochet, Skumgummi Egg, 

Sticky Fingers, El Nio Brown Rubber Egg, Silk to Egg, Magic as a Martial Art

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