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Over the years I've written many articles and essays for various Magic magazines. Here are a few of them, presented in the language they were written by me. There should be some brain food hidden here somewhere!

I will add new essays and articles here from time to time, so be sure to check out this page on a regular basis. I will also translate the Norwegian articles into English when the nights get long and cold up here in the north... 

You will find more published material under "Trick Explanations".

If you're interested in more theory based essays, take a look at the Misdirection Resource Center.

If you would like to translate some of these articles into other languages, then please contact me (see contact details on the bottom of the page).


Magic as a Martial Art

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An essay about Magic and Martial Arts, and what they have in common. Printed in Magic Magazine, October 2001. This article discusses how to direct your spectator's energy so you can fool him thoroughly, and avoid conflict situations.


Magic Magazine
October 2001


Choreographic Misdirection

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An essay about Choreographic Misdirection, a term I use to describe the kind of Misdirection where movement and eye scan techniques focus the spectators attention where you want it. This is the full version, a little longer than the one that made it to print in Magic Magazine...


Magic Magazine

The Simplest Steal of them all

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This was printed in Genii shortly after the release of Pocket Power, and I have received a lot of comments about this. A very useful technique to steal from your pockets. Solves the problem of having to "shake" the pocket of the hand, the problem of "talking" objects and makes the palming hand look very natural. You'll like this one!



Care and use of the Funken Ring

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A lot of people have difficulties with the Funken Ring. It tends to break after a short time, and is not very reliable. Here you can learn how to avoid the problems!

Note: This article was written in 2001. I now sell a much better and improved version of the Funken Ring. It even comes with a one year guarantee!

Magic Talk


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How can we expect to get respect for our art? (Norwegian)



Skrive en Bok

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What is it like to write a book on magic? (Norwegian)


Magiens Verden


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