Coke from Shoe

From the book and video Pocket Power.
Published in Arcane (France)

Actually a great utility move. Here it's used to produce a can of Coke from your shoe, but you can produce anything else you want from the shoe - like a cell phone!

This is a little quickie for those moments when nothing interesting is happening. Like when the spectator is busy signing a card. The method was inspired by a German magician, the late Thomas Hierling, who stole a bottle from the hip pocket while reproducing a small bottle behind his knee. He used a silk handkerchief to cover the bottle. Hierling was inspired by Paul Harris’ routine King Solomon's Drinks King Solomon's Drinks. Later I saw Mac King do a similar thing with a rock from his shoe.

You take off your shoe and dump out a flattened Coca Cola can.
Then a full one drops out!

You need two cans of Coke

The small ones that you get on European airplanes (0.15 liters) are perfect, but the standard size works just fine. Empty one of them and flatten it by stepping on it - use a hammer if necessary to make it really flat. Your pants must have at least one back pocket. Wear clean socks.

Put the flat can in your right shoe, and the full one in the right hip pocket. Sewing the pocket as in fig.1 will keep the can vertical. Most cans have a round edge on the bottom and a sharper edge on the top. Put the can upside- down in the pocket, and it will slide out more easily.

     fig.1        fig. 2

fig. 3       

Stealing the Coke

Bend down and take off your shoe with left hand. As you bend down, you will find that your right hand automatically slides over your back pocket. Push the can out of the pocket with your right hand. The hand presses the can from underneath, through the fabric of the pocket, and the can just slides up and into your hand (fig.2). Now, raise your body, lift up the shoe and shake it. Keep the right hand close to your body, and the can will not be seen. All attention should be on the shoe.

Loading the Coke into the shoe

Dump out the contents of the shoe on the table, bend just a little forward to see what it is as you lower the shoe down to your right hand (fig.3). Turn the right hand palm out the moment the shoe covers it, and put the shoe over the can.

Hold the shoe with right hand and use left hand to pick up the flat can. The shoe just hangs over the can, and the can rests on your fingers. Look at the flat can and toss it down. Take the shoe in left hand again and look into it. Press the sides of the shoe to prevent the Coke from dropping out. Dump the full can into your right hand, and put the shoe back on your foot. Open the can and pour the liquid into a glass. Otherwise they won’t believe it’s a real Coke!

You can use this utility move to produce almost anything from the shoe. Even tomatoes - you can throw them at hecklers to prove they’re real...

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